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Meeting's minutes (September 19, 2011)

Bill Pasternak
Jeff Sinacore
Nancy Nielsen
Debra Oliveri
Raluca Blaga
Bruce Mishkin
Joshuwa Armstrong
Eugene Teslya

1. Meet, greet new members and network.

2. Delicious breakfast & chit-chat

3. Brainstorming session.

Seminars - create an interesting content, information about your business or area of expertise that is beneficial to your target audience. Invite your prospects, or find the way how to get in front of them with that information. Remember don't offer everything you know as a freebie; however don't just promote your business (make it subtle) instead - educate on a subject.

Find hot topic, something that people are currently most interested about and see if you can tie your product or services into it. Then, educate, and keep on educating.

Build in an expectation.

Know your audience and tailor your pitch to them, make it relative and to the point.

Look the part. Doesn't matter which field you are in - make sure that you appearance reflects how you are.

Join target associations - that is were your clients are. Ad association logo to your website. Not sure what association to join - check the associations logos displayed on your prospect's website.

Set business' Facebook landing page to collect prospects contact information.
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5. Network some more.

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