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Meeting's minutes (August 09, 2011)

Bill Pasternak
Jeff Sinacore
Nancy Nielsen
Carlene Parisi
Mae (writer, student, movie director)
Raluca Blaga
Bruce Mishkin
Eugene Teslya

1. Meet, greet new members and network.

2. Delicious breakfast & chit-chat

3. Sharing Business ideas:

a. Keep your mind open as you never know where you can meet a good contact/referral. Eugene attanded music festival/camping trip and have met "business soul mate" simply by asking a right question.

"Even though the setting was very unusual for a business conversation - we were sitting around the camp fire - turned out that both of us are currently in the same boat and are dealing with the same issues (business startup challenges.)"

The moral - people around you could not help you unless you will let them know what you are looking for, not everybody will be able to help, but you never know who will, unless you speak up.

b. Raluca shared "the solution".
Since the commonly used products (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, lotion etc.) often contain harmful chemicals - a toxin free products offered by "Sisel Int" are perfect solution to a health conscious mind.

4. Brainstorming session.

The Challenge:
   Bill Pasternak is targeting a restaurant business niche (logo/print design) and can use some help with ideas on how to target/approach restaurant owners.

- Reach owner in creative ways
   Business owners are hard to reach with direct solicitation approach. Cold calls, beating up the door - doesn't work. Be creative, find the way to "bump" into restaurant owner in indirect, social setting.

- New businesses list
   Since opened restaurants often have their work already done (logo, business cards, letter-head, website) - it makes sense to target "to-be-opened-soon" businesses - purchase email list of newly registered businesses. (the list could be pricey though)

- industry associations
   Contacting industry associations is a good way to reach a target audience.

- industry magazines
   (Nation Restaurant News -

- Blog (post comments in restaurant related blogs)
   To establish the name recognition and your expertise - post the comments (relevant and educational) on the restaurant related blogs. Engage restaurant owners in their environment, build a rapport first.

- Don't forget suppliers
   If you cannot get directly to the business owner - find who they are dealing with already. Having a good relationship with suppliers could be your way in.

- Inspectors
   Would not hurt to know a few inspectors in the area.

5. Network some more.

Useful information:

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